NET 2019 in Skellefteå is approaching!

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We hereby welcome you to Skellefteå and Northern Elite Trophy in 18th-21st of July .
These are the participating teams:
FF Jaro, SJK, Västerås SK, IFK Luleå, Bodens BK, Skellefteå FF
FF Jaro, SJK, OLS, IK Sirius, Luleå SK, Skellefteå FF
We have had more teams that want to register, but since we want to secure the quality of the matches, we have decided that these teams will participate this year. It also means that each team will play 5 games divided into four days (Thursday to Sunday).
For the teams that have chosen accomodation at school, it is Norrhammarskolan that applies.
Breakfast will be served at the school while lunch and dinner are served at a restaurant in the central town about 6-7 minutes walk from the school. Meals are served from Thursday morning. We can help you with suggestions if you need food even on Wednesday 17/7.
We want you to report if you have any allergies in your team and also what time you plan to arrive in Skellefteå so we can meet you when you come. Accommodation at the school is possible from Wednesday 17/7.
Notify no later than Sunday, June 30th.
Here on the website you can read about the tournament, among other things the game schedule is updated on the website.
We hope for really developing matches and again, welcome to Skellefteå in July!